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Wisdom For Marriage Bundle

Wisdom For Marriage Bundle

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Marriage is in tough shape these days but, yours doesn’t have to be.

For many married couples, it’s hard to believe but, here’s a truth for literally every marriage: A fantastic marriage and excellent relationship is waiting for you and your spouse!

 It’s true! You can avoid everything that’s wrong with marriages these days and you can enjoy everything that’s right, good, and fantastic about the best marriages. 

What you and your wife see all around you can be discouraging but it doesn’t matter. What others do doesn’t matter and doesn’t define you and your wife and the relationship you are building together. 

What does matter is that you take action, now! It matters that you are intentional and purposeful about your marriage. 

There is a beautiful marriage waiting for you, starting right now! – for every couple unwilling to settle for mediocre . . . for husbands and wives willing to grow in knowledge and wisdom. 

Knowledge by itself is just information . . . we do need information to be great husbands and wives . . . but, we need more than that. We need Wisdom (the understanding of how to apply what we know.

This is why Lisa and I strongly encourage you to get our latest books, Marriage Wisdom for Her and Marriage Wisdom for Him.  They’re filled with uncommon wisdom from the One who wrote the Original Love Story and from what we’ve learned from our years of marriage and marriage ministry.

Lisa and I have been married for over 24 years and (can I say this!?) we enjoy a fantastic marriage. We’ve been blessed with an uncommon love! But, there’s only one reason why.  Our relationship isn’t unique. A fantastic marriage is not only possible, it’s available to everyone who embraces the way of wisdom, learning how to love each other well. 

Living out your lives together with the best, most fantastic marriage God intended for you from the start isn’t only a dream. It’s completely possible for you and can be the reality you enjoy for your entire lives together. 

Each book contains 31 short, easy-to-understand readings on topics uniquely suited to a husband or wife – topics that are vital for growing in wisdom and maturity in marriage.  Also included are prompts that help you be successful by asking questions that encourage you to wisely apply what you learn. 

Marriage Wisdom is for every intentional couple focused on building an amazingly enjoyable, enduring, and beautiful marriage, starting right now. 

Get the Wisdom for Marriage bundle, today, and save 20% off the retail price for a limited time!


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Gina Gibson

Wonderful Marriage Tool

My husband and I love ending each day with this new devotional set! It has started many wonderful conversations! Each and every idea brings us closer to God and strengthens our marriage. Blessings to you! Gina

Gloria P.
United States

Excellent books!

A lot of wisdom packed into short daily readings.

Erica S.
United States

Marriage counselor approved

Our marriage counselor looked over these books before we started use them and she approved them.

Rebecca V.
United States

Communication jump start

We are finally communicating! Thank you. We have been married almost 20 years, these books have reminded us how to communicate and the importance of communication in healthy relationships.

Mandy E.
United States

Prompting deep discussion

So far my husband and I have gone through the first 3 devotions in each of our books. We read them to ourselves silently but at the same time. Then we share our thoughts and take-away from each devotion together, then close in prayer. These devotions have prompted some great discussions (some difficult, some easy). My husband is impressed with his book, saying things like "this guy knows what it's like." I can't wait to do more of them together!