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Husband and Wife 100 DAY LOVE CHALLENGE Bundle

Husband and Wife 100 DAY LOVE CHALLENGE Bundle

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  1. Get this bundle - each get a copy of "your" book
  2. Pick a "Start Date"
  3. Each day, do one loving act for your spouse (with no expectation for "payback")
  4. Each day, ask God to help you to understand how to love well and to follow through
  5. Share your journey on social media

Get started, today!

These powerful companion books are designed for husbands and wives serious about enjoying the best in marriage that God intended. (They are also perfect gifts for those soon to be married!). Both books are filled with practical ideas for loving each other well - for pursuing intimacy, kindness, friendship, and appreciation in the everyday lives of couples who desire to live in the richness of committed love.

What does it take to truly value each other and have a fantastic marriage? It's not all that complicated - just a whole lot of decisions that say, "I love you," rather than those that say, "I love me." It's how God wants us to live, and exactly what the 100 WAYS books teach men and women how to do. From the first page, this book provides practical wisdom and suggestions you can use right away that help demonstrate to your spouse that He/She is a cherished priority in your life.

Whether you're starting out, have been married for five years, or are getting ready to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary, if you follow the insight and wisdom contained in these books, your marriage will be richer, deeper, and more enjoyable than you ever imagined . . . just the way God intended. Order Now and Get Both Books for $19.99 - 23% off Retail. 

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Awesome Books!

My husband and I have been married 22 years (one and only marriage for both of us). We are thoroughly enjoying these books! They are perfect for newlyweds and those of us who have been married for a long time. I'll be handing these down to our kids when the time comes!


My Marriage Was Saved.

I messaged you a few weeks ago in regards to an unfaithful spouse. I was the one who was unfaithful. I was going to live a lie. I was going to take it to my grave. I bought your books for my husband and I and noticed a change in him immediately. He isn't a reader, but I begged him to read. As I read my book I felt the Lord convict me. I knew I had to confess my sin to my husband. I did. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. After days without speaking, he forgave me. He showed me the same love and grace as Jesus. We have a long road of repair ahead of us. We will be seeking marriage counseling through our church. I feel that because of your books and the Lord, our marriage has been saved. Thank you.

Marie. Heimann

Love it

Has helped me the better inside on my marriage


Sounds like a Tool for Love, Happiness and Eternity.

Looking forward to Taking the Challenge, I've been involved with My wife since 6th grade of Grammer school, we married young and had 2 Kids right away and I believe we weren't ready and so we Divorced and stayed Friends for a Positive upbringing of our Children. And low and behold after 15 yrs apart Love and Faith Brought us Back Together and I remarried My Best friend and The Love of my life!! We now have 3 Children. So hopefully these books will keep the fire burning in our Hearts and Souls as we Grow Old as 1..



My husband and I have been separated for almost 2 years now. He doesn't act interested in reconciliation. Im holding on, don't want to lose him. God gives me signs that we'll be re united. Would this book help me in reaching a husband who I don't see frequently?