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About Us

Who is "Loyal Arts Media, LLC" and how did it come to be?

A few years ago, my wife, Lisa, ( and I ( started blogging. At the time, we didn't have any idea of where that journey would lead but in a very short time, we found ourselves writing full time for what have now grown into ministries that encourage believers to embrace the best of what God has in marriage, family, and the Christian life, through obedience to His Word. 

The books we write and the books Loyal Arts Media, LLC publishes are, first and foremost, faithful to the Word of God. We provide them to encourage and support Christian marriage and family. But, this effort couldn't go forward without our partners, Merritt and Gretchen (our Publishing Manager). 

I worked in the Christian publishing industry for over two decades and together, Lisa and I have raised our 8 children (no twins or triplets and, no, it's not a mixed marriage and, while we seriously considered adoption - and deeply admire those who do - we settled on the 8 we brought into the world, together . . . everyone wants to know!) 

In addition to the discipleship at home, Lisa and I have served in our local Church, Tumalo Bible Fellowship, for over 12 years. 

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